Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

From: 2023-11-16 01:00:00
To:2023-11-16 01:00:00

Knights of Columbus

Keep Christ in Christmas

Poster Contest


Rules & Regulations

Each poster must reflect the “Keep Christ in Christmas” theme with a visual image.  There is no limit to the number of posters each contestant may submit.

Age Groups

Contest entrants compete in one of three age groups – ages 5 – 7, ages 8 – 10, and 11 - 14.


  1. Poster must reflect the theme of Keep Christ in Christmas.
  2. Each poster should be original work (including concept, slogan and any visual images) of a single person.
  3. Poster must be approximately 11X17 If pastels, chalk or charcoal are used the poster must be laminated or covered with clear plastic.
  4. Each poster must be submitted with a Knight of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest entry form.
  5. Name and age of the entrant should be printed on the reverse side of the poster.
  6. All entries become property of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council office. Posters will NOT be returned.
  7. Deadline – December 2nd.  Please drop off your poster and entry form at the Parish office:     
  • St. Theresa Catholic Church
  • 705 St.  Theresa Blvd
  • Sugar Land, Texas 77498
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Or mail to:

  • Samuel Gonzalez
  • 84 Bradford Circle
  • Sugar Land, Tx 77479


  • Slogan – 30 points: How clearing is the theme presented?
  • Visuals – 30 points: How well do the visuals convey the message?
  • Overall Impact – 40 points: How effective was the poster in capturing your attention and causing you to reflect on the topic at hand?


Council level -   KC 4204 Sugar Land

  • $50 for first place entry in each age group (5-7, 8-10, 11-14)

First place posters will automatically be forward to the next level of competition: District, State, and International.

International Level

  1. $250 is awarded to the first place entry in each age group.
  2. Two runner-up prizes $100 each are also awarded for each group.
  3. All international winners receive a framed certificate signed by the supreme knight.
  4. The winning 11-14 category design will be used in the promotion poster for the contest next year.


Get your Entry form by clicking here.

Get the poster Rules by clicking here.

For any questions, please contact Samuel Gonzalez

  • Phone: 281-980-8762

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